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  • What is J!NX EXP?
    J!NX EXP is similar to that of an RPG (role playing game). When you become a member of J! you begin the quest to gain experience points, soar to new levels and unlock new rewards.
  • How do I gain experience points?

    There are many ways to gain experience points for the J!NX EXP program. We are always added new quests and activities. Here is a list of the current activities that help you level up on J!

    1. Purchase J!NX Products.
      • When you place an order, you earn up to 5% to 12% of your item total after discounts(*) as EXP. The amount you earn depends on the item total and your current level. If your item total is under $50.00, then you will earn 5% to 7% EXP. If it is $50.00 and over, you will earn 10% to 12% EXP. When you first create your member account, you will only earn 5% to 10% for your item total. Please see the following link for details on leveling up your member account, "How do I level up?".
    2. J!NX Referral Program - Earn EXP for referring customers.
      • If somebody uses your referral URL and then makes a purchase on you receive at least 5% of their order's SUBTOTAL in EXP.
    3. Comment on Products, Jinx Pix. You will receive 5 experience points for each comment.
      • You can only earn experience points for 10 comments per week.
      • Your comment count for the week will be reset every Monday night at 12:00 AM.
    4. Submit J!NX Pix.
      • Earn 100 EXP for submitting a good picture, or 250 for submitting one that we love! Submitted photos must be accepted based on the Photo Submission Policy and Agreement in order to actually receive J!NX EXP.
    5. Sign up for the J!NX Newsletter and earn 200 experience points.
    6. More options are always being added!

    * - During checkout, EXP will NOT be awarded for the following:

    • Any discounts and promotions applied to the order.
    • The cost of shipping or tax, when applicable.
    • The purchase of gift certificates.
    • Bulk purchase of items consistent with wholesale purchasing.
  • How do I level up?
    As you earn experience points through the J!NX EXP program you gain levels and unlock rewards.

    View the Gold and EXP page.

  • How do I obtain my rewards for leveling?
    1. J!NX Gold will be immediately added to your account when you reach a level with a J!NX Gold reward.
    2. Promotional offers will be applied to your account immediately when you reach a level with a promotional offer reward. An example of a promotional offer is earning a higher percent of your orders and referrals in J!NX Gold and J!NX EXP.

    As we add different types of rewards we will add instructions for obtaining those rewards here.

  • Can I see a list of all the experience points I have received?
    Yes, a complete J!NX EXP experience point history can be found by following the 'View J!NX EXP History' link on your 'My Account' page.
  • When I place an order when do I get my experience points?
    When you make a purchase or refer someone that makes a purchase you will be awarded experience points when the order ships.
  • How often can I earn J!NX EXP for comments/feedback?

    Comments/Feedback - You can post 10 comments/feedback anywhere on per week. This is reset every Monday evening at 11:59 PM.