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  • What payment methods do you accept?
    For all orders within the United States, we accept:

    CREDIT CARD - Give us your credit/debit card number (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), we will get the money. BE SURE THE ADDRESS YOU ENTER FOR BILLING INFORMATION EXACTLY MATCHES WHAT YOUR BANK CURRENTLY HAS ON FILE FOR YOU (even if the shipping address is different)!

    MONEY ORDER (US orders only)– If you select this as your payment method, this is how to complete payment: Make your Money Order payable to J!NX.

    WE CANNOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS. Please be careful with your spelling and make sure all data has been entered (date, payee, amount, and signature). Send Money Order, along with a printout of your confirmation email, to:

    13465 Gregg St.
    Poway, CA 92064

    We will process your order once payment is made. We cannot guarantee in-stock product availability by the time payment is received.

    PAYPAL – PayPal is a FREE service and takes seconds to setup at the end of your order. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to pay for J!NX products. When checking out, you will be immediately redirected to for payment.We will process your order once payment is completed and cleared. Keep in mind, if choose to pay through Paypal via eCheck or Bank Transfer, those payment types do take a few days to clear. Until then, you may receive reminder emails asking you to submit payment; you can ignore them. We cannot guarantee in-stock product availability by the time payment is cleared.

    NOTE: Your shipping address must match the address appearing on your transaction with paypal.

    GIFT CERTIFICATE/GIFT CARD – Got a J!NX gift card or certificate from someone? Lucky you! Just type the code (or cut and paste it) into the box, and you will be all set! Please note that J!NX does NOT accept pre-paid debit cards.

    For international orders, we accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only) and Paypal.
  • I have just made my payment through Paypal. Why does my order status still say "awaiting payment"?
    If you pay via Paypal eCheck or bank transfer, these payments take a few days to clear. Before your payment clears, you may receive an email from us indicating that you have not paid. If you know you have paid, please check your Paypal account history. It will probably say that your payment is uncleared. If this is the case, you can just ignore the payment reminder email. If it does say cleared or completed, then reply to the reminder email with your paypal transaction ID #.
  • I tried to place an order with your site but I got an incorrect address error. When I called my bank, they said you charged my card already. What's that about?
    When you attempt to purchase something from our site, an "authorization" is placed on the funds for that amount. This means that the funds are not transferred into our account, but instead remain in your account. However, they are not available to you. Our system then checks the address that you typed in against the address that your bank has on file. If it matches, the order will go through just fine. If it does not match, the order will be declined, and you will not have an order placed. Since we will not be completing that transaction, the authorization will expire and the charge will be removed from your account. You can wait for the authorization to expire automatically, or we can expedite the process on our end. In order to do that, we will need a fax number to the bank that issued your credit card, the amount that was authorized, and your credit card number with Expiration date. You can email all of that information along with a note explaining the situation using our help request form.

    Please note that J!NX is NOT responsible for overdraft fees incurred due to any transaction (failed or successful).

  • How do I use promotional codes?
    After you have placed your desired item(s) in your shopping cart, enter the code in the field marked ' Promotional Code' and proceed through the rest of the checkout process. There will be a similar field on the final page of checkout, as well. Only one code valid per order, can not be used in combination with other codes. Promotional codes can only be used once per account. If the code is not working, check to make sure it has been typed in correctly. Also check the expiration date for the code.
  • How can I find my credit card's security number?
    Visa, MasterCard, Discover:

    The three-digit (3) card security number is a printed number located on the back of the card, typically near the far right side. This number is usually separated from other sets on numbers on the card, and is the farthest towards the right.
    Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card CVV location graphic.

    American Express:

    The four-digit (4) card security number is a printed number located on the front of the card, above and to the right of the raised account number.
    Amex Card CVV location graphic.
  • How can I use my J!NX Gold on an order?
    During the normal checkout process, you will be prompted to enter your payment type. One of those options will be J!NX Gold, at which point you can apply it to your order. Make sure that you are placing the new order under the same account with which you earned your gold. If your order requires additional payment, you can enter that information after the gold has been applied.
  • Can I use a Prepaid card on your website?
    Prepaid cards tend not to work on our site unless they are registered with a billing address. There is usually information on the back of the card that tells you how to register your card.
  • When do I get charged for a pre-sale item.
    We usually charge at the time an order is placed. However, sometimes we charge when an order ships.
    JINX will always have a pre-authorization at first. This is not a payment but rather a pending place holder that may roll off after a few days. If it disappears from your bank info, be sure to keep the funds available. JINX is not responsible for overdraft fees
  • What currency am I paying in?
    If you see the $ sign it is in US Dollars. If you see the £ sign it is in Pounds Sterling. If you see the € sign it is in Euro. NOTE: J!NX is not responsible for currency conversion charges from your credit card company. If you are in a different country you will most likely see a different charge on your credit card than what you saw when you checked out.
  • Why did I get a bill for additional fees when the item reached my country?
    If your country requires taxes for importing goods then you will need to pay extra money when your package arrives. That is not something we have any control over. Every country is different, some countries charge for imports and some don't.