FAQ - Promotions

I have a promotional code. How do I use it?

During checkout, enter the code in the field marked 'Gift card or discount code' (on the right side, under the list of products you are ordering) and proceed through the rest of the checkout process.

  • Only one code valid per order
  • Can not be used in combination with other codes or discounts
  • Promotional codes can only be used once per account.

    If the code is not working, then check to make sure it has been typed in correctly. Also check the expiration date for the code.

Why am I not getting a discount on some items when I use the promo code you gave me?

Due to the nature of our licensing agreements, discounts cannot be applied to the following items:

  • Products J!NX does not manufacture
  • Wrapping Paper and Gift Boxes
  • Pre-Sale items


Discounts and Promotions cannot be applied to all sale items.

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